You have just 7 seconds to make a good impression.

You have just 7 seconds to make a good impression.  Your visitors will have already judged your site in that time.

Poor load time, crazy colours, bad logo and layout, popups, confused navigation can all play a factor in your websites first impressions.

1: Introductory Video
Keep them engaged with a short introductory video. 60% of visitors will watch a video rather than read text.

2: Value Proposition
What is the one reason your customers need you?  Place your Value Proposition above the fold so it can been seen.

3: Let them Scroll
We no longer need to limit the page length.  Highlight key sections of your website visitors should look at. Let them explore

4: Direct their eyes
Provide your visitors with some sort of direction.  They need to know what to look at or what to do.  Call to Actions are great for directing your customers.

5: Develop a Connection
Don’t make the site about you.  It should be about how you can help them.  Use social media to create a relationship.

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