Reputation Marketing

Market Your most valuable asset!


The most valuable asset your business has is its reputation. Today, “online word of mouth” can either make or break you. Don’t leave your business’s online reputation to chance. You can become the go-to company in your industry if you have a five-star online reputation.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Having a five-star online reputation can literally make the difference between you having a successful, profitable, fun business; or a business in which you struggle because you have a negative online reputation, or none at all.  This will not give you the competitive advantage you want.

Online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Rate MD’s, HomeStars, Yellow Pages etc., are either hurting or helping your sales.

Why Do I Need One?

A recent Neilsen study found that over 90% of people trust reviews (recommendations, testimonials, referrals) from family and friends.  AND over 70% trust third party reviews with other common business promotions trust levels falling to a dismal 29%.

What’s more, recent studies prove your company needs at least 8-10 good online reviews to positively influence people’s decision to pick your business over your competition.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

  • 89% of consumers go online to do more research about products or services they are considering purchasing.
  • 77% of consumers do NOT rely only on recommendations from others and double-check online for additional information and reviews.
  • 80% of consumers changed their minds about a recommended purchase because of negative information (reports or reviews) they found online.

We have the systems and tools you need to enhance your reputation, to display your credibility, to make your phone ring, and to effectively shorten your sales cycle!

We can help your company establish a glowing online reputation both ethically and legally so that you become the market leader in the area(s) you serve.

If you have a bad reputation now, we can help you fix that too (assuming your company has good products and services) so that your company will become the obvious choice to do business with over your competition.

We want to work with YOU!

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