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 Domain Name Registration Vancouver

A domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. Every web site you’ve ever been to, and every email you’ve ever composed, has used a domain name in its address.

People register domain names in order to ‘stake a claim’ to a particular name — whether for business or personal reasons. Once a domain name is registered to a person or company, it is that person’s to use exclusively, as long as they continue to pay the yearly renewal fee.

Some domain names look good on paper, but are confusing when you try to direct someone to them over the phone. Keep in mind the image that it conjures.  Your domain name will be one of the ways people recognise or evaluate sites when they are searching via Google or other search engines.

When facing a large number of choices, the snappiest domain name sometimes grabs the most attention.

Domain names can now be up to 67 characters long. While this opens up a whole new world for domain names, it can also lead to some confusion if you are not careful.
Extremely long domain names can be difficult to read. Take a look at these two examples:

Putting hyphens between each word can make the domain name easier for your visitors to read and remember.

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